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Bona Biz is sincere business consulting – it is help you feel good about.

Have you felt like you paid too much and didn’t get what you wanted from a big consulting company?
Are you looking for a trustworthy partner to help your business run smoother?

Papers, Files, and The Cloud

I will sort through those piles and abolish your backlog.  When you work with me, you will get clear spaces on your desk and in your office.  You will get a filing system that is customized and meaningful to you.  You will understand how to keep your files organized.  And I will not leave until I have taught you how to maintain your new system.

Do you use Box, DropBox, SharePoint, Google Drive, or any cloud-based system to keep your team organized?  I will help you create folders and file names that are meaningful.  We’ll create processes to keep your files organized and governance to keep things conformed.  I can teach you to do it, or I can do it for you.

Project Management

I will help you and your team lead efficient projects.  Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined.  Everyone will know who is doing what by when. And all of the materials for your project will be organized in a centralized spot.  Important items will stop falling through the cracks, communication loops will be closed, and solutions to problems will be expedited.  Best of all, I will leave you with tools and templates that you can use over and over, so you have a repeatable process.

Meeting Facilitation

Your meetings will have a purpose, agendas will be followed, statuses will be reported, and decisions will be made.  You will feel like your time was worth it.  Your meetings will be documented (yes, someone will actually take notes)!  Your meetings will end on time (yes, you will be able to eat lunch for once)!  And best of all, you’ll have tools and templates to keep your meetings running smoothly for good.